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CSIRO estimates that termites will attack 1 in 5 Australian homes. With termites capable of causing harm when they are spotted without being detected the damage could be extensive. In the worse cases, they could completely destroy a home.

The last thing you need, having bought your dream home, is be unaware that termites are currently eating away at your investment.

So when You're looking to buy a home, its important to know the termite status and background for the property:

A pre-purchase pest review is a bit more involved than a termite inspection because it looks like signs of wood rot, and additional timber pests, like borers. But, termites are the principal pest of concern.



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Whether your dream house is brick a weatherboard or a metal framed house, termites can make their way in and assault any wood components. Yes, even metal frame houses are not protected termites will get in and consume floorboards, door frames and architraves!

A detailed inspection will involve inspecting every room in turn, spending some time in the roof void and subfloor (if one exists), checking the garage and some other outbuildings, appearing at fencing and trees around the building. The inspection is looking for signs of damage, termites, evidence of treatments and any building faults or conditions which could make the house more susceptible to a termite attack. .



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An inspection takes time and a skilled inspector may use specialised detection gear to scan places they cannot physically see. The outcome is an extensive inspection of your purchase.

Hopefully, the home is free, but as we know, with 1 having a history of termite attack, it is fairly possible that the inspection will find some signs of current or termite activity.



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The issue is: if the inspection shows past termite damage or current termite activity, should you Purchase Your dream home

Individuals might recommend that you refrain from purchasing a have a peek at this site property that has certainly one with a current termite issue, and a history of termites. But to discount that the purchase may be to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. After all, it would be easy to discount buying your dream house it's signs of settling it doesnt have sufficient heatingsystem, and so forth. .

Bear in mind that signs of current or termite damage might be a bargaining chip to decrease the selling price. In addition to getting any reduction in price, there are steps you can consider before signing a contract



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If the house has termites that are active Make Sure That the costs of repairs and remedies will be paid by the seller before the purchase goes through

Make sure that they use a reputable termite treatment firm that carries out a complete treatment and provides a warranty, which will pass on for you (as the owner). Sellers will often employ the controller to perform the most economical occupation, telling them squirt a little bit of chemical to kill the termites you can see.

Understand if such an agreement can be transferred to you and whether It's still under warranty, if a treatment has been carried out



The smart Trick of What Does Termite Control Cost That Nobody is Talking About

If the home is a new construct, establish that timbers have been pre-treated and inquire what kind of protection was included in the structure. Make sure there are guarantees on the property.

TermitesAre common in Sydney, and thus a history of termite attack is not unusual, and are fixes. So try not to be too emotional when dealing with a scary termite issue. Termites are viewed in a different light, if seen as a care problem.

The main point is that purchasing a house with a record of termites doesn't need to lead to potential problems, with the danger of viewing your investment being eaten away (literally). Knowledge is power and there is a pest inspection essential. Termites can be controlled and controlled, when it comes to negotiating your price along with a termite history can prove powerful leverage. .



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Termites are a simple fact of life in Australia, therefore protecting your home with regular termite inspections and installing a pest control system should truly be considered a standard part of keeping your home.

Really, your home is more likely to be attacked by termites see this site than be influenced by flood, fire or other natural disaster. However, termite attack is not covered by your standard home insurance, and so a small annual investment in termite inspections can help to keep termite free and preserve value in your home.

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